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Banquet Supervisor


Department: Food & Beverage
Position: Banquet Supervisor
Reports to: Dining Room Manager
Function: To ensure the perfect execution of large and small dinners, receptions, and events that require food and beverage service. The Banquet Supervisor is the front of house for these events, making sure that the tables are decorated correctly, the food is presented well, and service goes off without a hitch. The Banquet Supervisor is in charge of floor staff, and ensures sure that they are in uniform and serving the clients in a speedy and friendly manner. They are the liaison to the chefs and cooking staff in the back, letting them know what food needs to be replenished.

The Banquet Supervisor works directly with the restaurant managers/supervisors, and is in charge of addressing and fixing any questions or concerns that come up before or during service. After service, the Banquet Supervisor gives the event coordinator or host the bill of services and takes payment.

Work Performed:

1. To ensure that communication between front of house and back of house is timely and effective. (people counts and timing)
2. To ensure all banquet and meeting rooms are set-up according to the banquet standards and/or special instructions on the reservation sheet.
3. To ensure that service staff knows all details on the banquet: menu, counts, courses, and/or dishing procedures and clearing instructions.
4. Proper staffing for all groups on a daily basis. One server per (15) guests, one server per (18) on buffet.
5. Daily coaching of hostess staff and server staff to ensure that all standards are being accomplished or how they should be accomplished.
6. Proper and timely communication with reservations and group sales.
7. Ensure staff is in the proper uniform prior to event starting; uniforms, shoes, jewelry, name tag, etc.
8. Proper storage of all banquet materials and equipment: urns, creamers, decorations, etc.
9. Ensures billing is handled properly.
10. Completion of banquet sheets for every event, completed 15 minutes prior to the arrival of the service staff.
11. Any other tasks or duties as assigned by management.

Job Skills
1. Customer Service Focused: The Banquet Supervisor will be interacting with guests before, during, and after each function. They must be friendly, courteous and professional at all times.
2. Attention to Detail: The Banquet Supervisor must be able to multi-task and keep their eye on the details in the front and back of the house.
3. Leadership: The Banquet Supervisor must demonstrate leadership abilities by motivation, positivity, and conflict resolution.
4. Speaking Skills: The Banquet Supervisor needs to be able to effectively communicate to the front and back of the house staff and to guests

Physical Requirements: Ability to stand and walk continually
Educational Requirements: High School Diploma or Equivalent
Age Requirements: Must be 18 years of age or older.

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  1. Cristin Mackie says:

    I am very interested in this position. I just moved to Saginaw from Grand Rapids, where I worked for 9 years in banquets for the JW Marriott and the Amway Hotel Collection. How can I get my resume to you?

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