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Golf Course Hole Descriptions

Hole #1: Favor the right side of the fairway off the tee for maximum distance, but beware of the tall fescue grass if you slice it out of the fairway. On the second shot, the green can be reached, however, if the wind is from the west favor the left half of the fairway. Handicap:6

Hole #2: Beware of the prevailing winds. The left half of the green is bigger than it looks from the tee. Handicap:12

Hole #3: Favor the left side of the fairway off the tee for maximum distance. The green is very receptive to hit long irons or woods on the second shot. Handicap:2

Hole #4: Make sure you allow for the wind conditions. This hole requires an exact golf shot. Good luck. Handicap:14

Hole #5: Try to keep the tee shot on the right side of the fairway. The second shot is longer than it looks. Handicap:18

Hole #6: Keep the tee shot to the left side of the fairway. The green can be reached in two but beware of the prevailing winds. Handicap:16

Hole #7: Keep your tee shot as close to the left bunker as possible. The big maple tree on the right side of the fairway blocks out a lot of shots to the green. The second shot plays longer than it looks. Handicap:8

Hole # 8: A good straightforward hole. Just hit it straight. Handicap:10

Hole #9: Another good hole to just grip it and rip it. Don't be short on the second shot as the front of the green is well protected with bunkers. Handicap:4

Hole #10: Accuracy off the tee is a must. A good birdie hole. Handicap:17

Hole #11: Favor the right side of the fairway, the bunkers on the left are hard to carry. The second shot is uphill and plays longer. Handicap: 15

Hole #12: A long par 3 normally into the wind. Make sure you take plenty of club. Handicap:11

Hole #13: Beware of the prevailing winds. Normal southwest winds require a tee ball to be hit at the left half of the fairway. Possibly the toughest hole on the course. Handicap:1

Hole #14: Normally a down hill and down wind hole. Let it rip toward the right half of the fairway. Beware of the bunkers protecting the green on the second shot. Handicap:9

Hole #15: A short par 4, but accuracy is a must. A hooked tee ball can leave as little as a 50 yard pitch shot. Handicap:13

Hole #16: A tough par 4 as the landing area is too small for a driver. Try to hit an iron to about the 150-160 yard distance from the green. Be careful as number two green is off to the right and protected by a lot of tall fescue grass, pine trees and maple trees. The second shot requires accuracy. Handicap:5

Hole #17: Island hole surrounded by water in the front and OB to the left and right. Don't forget the river behind the green and beware of the prevailing winds. Last but not least remember that you are hitting from an elevated tee. Handicap:7

Hole #18: You can bail out to the right off the tee and still be in the hole. The long hitter can hit right into the fairway bunkers off the tee. The second shot requires accuracy, you might want to hit an iron. The green is big and receptive to almost any golf shot. Handicap: 3




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