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Kitchen Manager


Department:  Food & Beverage

Department:  Food & Beverage
Position:  Kitchen Manager
Function:  The daily management, direction, and organization of the kitchen production areas including banquet and off-premise catering, under the direction of the Kitchen Operations Director.  Controlling and overseeing the departmental functions of food, personnel, plant and equipment based on the yearly budget and the departmental strategic plan.
Work Performed:
1. Assists in the preparation of the yearly budget and strategic plan.  Plans and uses this information on a daily basis to provide management direction and focus.
2. Meet with the Kitchen Operations Director on a regularly scheduled basis to discuss and resolve problems, ideas, departmental strategies, and other pertinent topics.
3. Defines, demonstrated and coaches staff members within the kitchen as to the policies and procedures.  Communicates new/revised policies/procedures and other important information to all staff members in a timely fashion.
4. Actively participates in the daily running and operation of the kitchen work area; observing encouraging, and guiding the staff to properly execute the day’s activities.
5. Participate in the preparation of the weekly work schedules; working through properly trained supervisory staff to complete schedules that achieve both budgetary requirements and business need expectations.
6. Working with the Kitchen Operations Director to forecast the kitchen’s labor needs on a quarterly basis and notifying the Human Resources Department in advance of actual needs as to have the kitchen properly staffed for the various business cycles.
7. Meet daily with the Head Chef or senior chef on duty to discuss reservations, grill staffing, and proper utilization of left over/surplus foods plus meals.
8. Meet with the management/supervisory staff of the kitchen on a regular basis to discuss strategies, problems, and highlights.  Solicit the advice of these staff members and encourage suggestions to make the department a “single-minded” entity.
9. Maintain, instruct, and enforce the sanitation, safety, labor law, and other standards established by Zehnder’s and governmental agencies, both state and federal.
10. Define and delegate duties as they relate to the maintenance and safe repair of equipment and mechanical issues.  Follow through to insure completion in a prompt and correct manner.
11. Oversee the operation of the steward (dishworking) area to insure the proper and safe handling of equipment and detergent/cleaning agents.  Also, insure the safe and economical handling of the dishware/glassware/utensils so that we minimize breakage and insure adequate supplies of dishware/glassware/utensils where and when we need them.
12. Responsible for the delegation of the shipping/receiving area which includes the proper storage, stockroom/cooler/freezer sanitation, security, inventory control, and the accurate recording of monthly inventories.
13. Counseling the staff and overseeing the employee evaluation process, recommending wage increases when appropriate.
Job Description (continued)
Kitchen Manager
14. Counseling the staff and overseeing the employee evaluation process, recommending wage increases when appropriate.
15. Responsible for a personal commitment to quality, leadership and presenting a professional image to the staff.  Included in these activities are a regular attendance at food shows, seminars, and professional organizations.
16. Any other tasks as recommended by the Kitchen Operations Director.
Physical Requirements: Must be able to stand and walk for extended periods of time.  Must be able to life weight in excess of 60 lbs.  Must be able to work in an environment where temperature regularly exceeds 90F.
Educational Requirements: Minimum Associates Degree in Culinary Arts or Hospitality Management.  Preference given to BA in Hospitality Management or Restaurant Management.
Age Requirements: Minimum 21 years old.  Handling of alcohol and cash necessary.
Other Requirements: Minimum if 2 year’s experience in high volume restaurant or hotel operations in position directing 25 or more employees.
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