Autumn Tradition at Zehnder’s Restaurant | Zehnder's of Frankenmuth

Autumn Tradition at Zehnder’s Restaurant

Blue Hubbard Squash

[PHOTOS] It has happened every year for over 50 years here at Zehnder’s. The good folks at the Weiss Family Farm, just south of town, hand pick the giant blue hubbard squash and deliver over 50 tons to us on the fourth Saturday in September. This year the crop came in just over 54 tons, which is slightly above average.

It takes a team of a dozen corn fed men to unload all the trucks in less than 6 hours. Following the unloading is the production process that takes almost 900 labor hours from start to finish. Here at Zehnder’s, we have teams working literally around the clock to process one of our most popular dishes.

The heaviest squash for the 2017 harvest weighed in just over 62 pounds! It may seem like a lot of squash, but it will be all gone right after Christmas. A little salt, butter and brown sugar is all we add – sometimes simple is the best. Enjoy!