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Check Out Our New Menus!

We’ve spent the past few months re-thinking and totally re-designing our luncheon and dinner menus. Our initial goal was to be able to allow more flexibility by producing our menus internally. The plan is to produce a new dinner menu every three months that reflects both seasonal products and specials.

Some new menu facts:
• The artwork featured on both the luncheon and dinner menu is a reproduction of the mural in our main lobby painted by noted Michigan artist Steve Davidek. Steve also did the murals in our Tap Room, Heritage Room and our north entrance.

• Our luncheon menu is a compilation of our fomer luncheon menu, the Tap Room menu and our vegetarian menu. The production of both menus is a reflection of the talent we have internally. Ken Gualdoni from Engineering photographed the murals, our IT Department produced the layout and our Food and Beverage team developed the new menu items.

• Our Family Style Chicken Dinner, Chicken Plate Dinner and Chicken Luncheon pricing remain the same.

• One new section, “Signature Shareable Sides” provides our guests five options for larger side dishes as an addition to their meal.

• A total of five new items are on the menu; Crab Cakes, Porterhouse Steak, Sauteed Pork Schnitzel Marsala and a new presentation of our Wiltshire Cured Pork Chop. While Prime Rib remains on the menu, it is only available Friday, Saturday and Sunday to ensure the freshest product possible.

Our entire menu development team focused on developing a menu that reflects the absolute best we can do. Let me know what you think and how we are doing!

Hospitably Yours,

Al Zehnder, CEO of Zehnder’s of Frankenmuth


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