Employee Expectations | Zehnder's of Frankenmuth

Kitchen Preparation and Employee Safety Precautions

Employee Guidelines & Expectations

• All staff will be required to participate in ServSafe COVID-19 Class
• Wash hands prior to shift, before and after completing tasks or breaks.
• Employee subject to health and/or thermal screening by security before entering.
• Health and safety questions.
• Thermal checking.
• Cleanliness and appearance checking.
• Employee denied entrance with temperature of 100.4 or more.
• No employee is to enter rear entrance if not scheduled.
• All employees that have had close contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 must be tested and diagnosed negative (with proper documentation) before re-entering the building.
• Renewed focus on documentation for call-ins/illness reports.
• Specific questions for specific symptoms.

Sanitation Expectations & Sanitation Staff
• A predetermined person(s) will be responsible for sanitizing touchpoints throughout the main floor and lower level kitchens during the hours of operation

During return to work retraining, staff will be informed of the need to:
• Each employee will be trained to properly wear a mask at all times.

Wear gloves when handling foods:
• Enhanced sanitation practices in all areas
• Avoid touching face, mouth, nose, eyes, etc.
• Cover mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, change mask after either
• At a minimum, wash hands for 20 seconds every hour
• Wash, rinse and sanitize equipment after each use and work area after each shift.
• Encourage “stations” in work areas to stay 6 feet apart.
• When necessary, have employees work side by side versus face to face
• Change serving utensils, sanitation water and towel every hour, this will coincide with hourly food temps.