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Facebook Friends and Fans

By Al Zehnder, CEO of Zehnder’s of Frankenmuth

I’ve had the basic same group of guy friends since second grade. Oh, I picked up a couple in college and a few along the way and the guys I call “friends” are few and all are near and dear to me. All told probably about a dozen.

If I was a Facebook page, I would be considered a disaster. My wife is a Facebook…well let’s just say she is vigilant about keeping up our (really hers and kids) Facebook page. If I happen to be in a picture it is mostly by accident. We have over 200 Facebook “friends” that keep up with us at some level and frequency. Heck, I look at our page just to see what we did everday!

Facebook for business has been quite a phenomenon. While on a personal page one is referred to as a “friend”, for business you become a “fan”. While I am sure that Mr. Zuckerberg didn’t quite envision (or maybe he did) how important this could be to business it has become, at least for us, a tremendous vehicle to communicate to our “fans” nearly everyday. And as of mid-August we have over 32,386 Facbeook fans! We also get to know something about our fans, over 75% of them are women (must not be a guy thing as much) and most of them are between the ages of 35 and 54. And here’s where the leverage of our 32,386 fans really gets interesting. The “Friends of our Fans” give us a potential to reach over 6,100,000 individuals! Our “Weekly Total Reach” is over 234,000 people and the weekly average of people “talking about us” is 1,418.

The overwhelming majority of our fans are in the United States, but it is interesting to note that we have fans in Australia, Turkey, South Korea (really?!), Puerto Rico, Iran, Ecuador, Albania and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

If you’re not one of our Facebook “fans”, it’s easy; just “like” us at www.facebook.com/zehnders. If you happen to be our 40,000th fan by the end of 2012, you get a complimentary weekend for up to four at Zehnder’s Splash Village. And for our fans in Puerto Rico, how about I say February or March of next year?! What are friends for!

~Al Zehnder


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