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The Fortress Golf Course - Golf Lesson Testimonials


My lessons have helped me to focus on positive goals. Great explanations and modeling of concepts I can understand and practice between lessons. A no-pressure approach by Kyle which makes it easy for me to definitely recommend investing the time and money in allowing him with helping to lower your scores. It has worked for me. I stopped taking lessons before and was, I thought, stuck playing unenjoyable golf. This season has rejuvenated my love for the game. Thanks again Kyle!


I am a low handi-cap golfer that was looking for a different instructor that could improve the areas I was struggling in (ball striking, distance control). Kyle was excellent at getting right to the root of the problem. He provides appropriate drills during the lesson that can be used during practice to emphasize the correction we are trying to make. With a few range sessions, I saw noticeable results and improved confidence the next time I played.

Matt Dillon

Kyle takes the time to listen first, teach second. Great facility. He does a great job. I've had two lessons with Kyle. Both helped tremendously. Thanks Kyle!

Brandt Nelson

Kyle has worked with me on my golf game and he is really a pleasure to work with. I would recommend anyone who is interested in improving their golf game to work with Kyle.

Joel Peters

Don't be intimidated. Kyle will listen to your concerns and provide good tips for your setup and swing that you can take to the range/course and improve your game.

S. D.

I have recently went for my second lesson with Kyle and once again he has done a great job of helping correct my massive slice with my irons. Can't wait to get out on the course in a few weeks hopefully and apply what he has taught me to my game." -S.D.