Guest Expectations | Zehnder's of Frankenmuth

COVID Preparation and Employee/Guest Safety Precaution

All Employee Scheduling:

• Zehnder’s continues to require all guests to wear a face covering on before entering our properties. If a guest does not have a face covering, we will provide one for them. Guests refusing to wear a face covering will be denied entry and service unless exempt due to a medical condition.
• Employee subject to health and/or thermal screening by security before entering.
• Health and safety questions.
• Thermal checking – Employee denied entrance with temperature of 100.4 or more.
• No employee admitted if they are not scheduled.
• All employees that have had close contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 must be tested and diagnosed negative (with proper documentation) before re-entering the building.
• All employees required to wear mask or facial protection in all areas and at all times.

Dining Room Procedures:

• Have hand sanitizer available for guests
• All areas reduced to 50% capacity.
• Spaced six feet apart for social distancing.
• Bar spaces and stools sanitized between each guest.
• Remove table baskets.
• All menus sanitized between each use.
• Salt and pepper shakers as well as chicken seasoning are sanitized between each seating.
• Silverware is rolled and placed on tables as opposed to open air seating.
• Creamers and individual sweeteners delivered to table upon seating/request.
• Water pitchers are no longer used for any re-fills.
• All soda and/or water refills are fresh glasses.
• Coffee pots are sanitized after each use.
• Zehnder’s logo pens supplied for credit cards are sanitized if left on table.
• Disposable wipes/rags used for bussing and sanitation of tables.
• Chairs, booths seats, and tables are wiped and sanitized after each seating.
• Whipped butter portioned by kitchen used for each table based on guest count.
• Plexiglass installed at cashier area.
• Servers required to wash hands after each tender transaction before handling other items.

Dining Room and Guest Organization:
• Dining rooms reduced to 50% capacity by removing tables.
• All tables spaced six feet apart for social distancing.
• Party sizes will not exceed six guests per table.
• Party sizes of six or more split between multiple tables.
• New patio addition for additional outdoor seating.