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Hot/Cold Line Server

Department: Food and Beverage–Main Kitchen
Position: Hot/Cold Line Server

Pay: $9.30/hour

Function: The uninterrupted flow of finished food products from the kitchen production areas to the dining rooms. This food is to be prepared and dished in accordance to Zehnder’s standards an in quantity/quality as established by Zehnder’s Restaurant.

Work Performed:

1. The preparation of raw food to the finished product as instructed by the area supervisor.
2. Proper and uniform portioning of foods (hot and cold) as demonstrated by the area supervisor; in accordance to Zehnder’s standards.
3. The proper display and appearance of foods for the dining rooms; in accordance to Zehnder’s guidelines.
4. Notification of the area supervisor when foods do not appear in taste or appearance as so designated.
5. The proper sanitation of the work area as instructed by the area supervisor and in accordance to the Saginaw County Health Department.
6. Maintenance of clutter-free and spill-free work area so that the area is safe and non-conducive to injury or accident.
7. Assist in the dishing of specialty banquets.
8. Assist in the preparation of the Sunday Buffet, Lower Level activities, golf course, and reservation parties as instructed by the area supervisor.
9. Assist in the nightly clean up of the work area. bags/
10. Maintain the daily bread requisition and other schedules as delegated.
11. Set up dessert trays and be involved in the dessert/ice cream programs as delegated.
12. Any other duties as requested by management.

Physical Requirements: Ability to stand and walk for extended periods of time.
Educational Requirements:
Age Requirements: Must be 16 years of age or older.


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