Housekeeping Procedures | Zehnder's of Frankenmuth

Sanitation Crew Responsibilities: Hourly

Back-Dock/Compactor Room:

• Mop Sink Hose and Shutoff Valves
• Trash Compactor Buttons/Door
• Light Switches
• 2-Wheeler and 4-wheeler cart handles
• Cardboard Compactor handle/button/switches
• Long Chicken Cooler Door Handle
• Produce Cooler and Walk-in Freezer door handles


• Swinging doors, both sides
• Blast Chiller Handles
• Gravy Kettle Opening Valve/ Knobs
• Scale
• Water Hose
• All Walk-in Cooler Door Handles
• Timers
• Water hose and faucets on Pots and Pans
• On/Off buttons on Pots

Machine Fryers:

• Warmer Handles
• Chicken cooler door handles
• Tilt Skillet Handle, Switch, Knob
• Faucet handle, mixer handle/switch
• Steamer Knobs, Latches, Switches

Dressing/Cold Prep:

• Flour bin lid
• Dressing warmer handles
• Oven Knobs and Handles
• Cooler Door Handles
• Faucet Handles in Dressing and Salad Prep
• Bread Racks – cleaned and sanitized when emptied
• Garlic Toast Cart handle
• Fruit and Vegetable Wash button
• Dessert cooler door handles and backup dressing warmer handles


• Microwave Buttons and Handles with sanitation cloth
• Chicken Breasts warmer Knobs and Lid with sanitation cloth
• Toaster button with sanitation cloth
• Ketchup and Mustard pumps
• Front of the Line


• Lowerators handles and lids
• Noodle Cart handles
• Parsley shakers with alcohol wipe
• Front of the Line
• Chicken Screen with alcohol wipe


• Reach-in cooler Handles and Doors
• Warmer handles
• Dish Cart handle
• Fryer Baskets and Poker
• Cooler/Freezer Combo Handles
• Drinking faucet button

Dessert Area/Soup Island:

• Plate cover cart handle
• Vertical tray cart handles
• Broth Warming Station Levers, Knobs
• Plate warmer lids
• Soup cup and saucer lowerators edges with sanitation cloth
• Serving line counters
• Handle for Hand Dipped Ice Cream Freezer
• Cooler/Freezer Combo Handles
• Caramel and Chocolate Squeeze Bottles and Pumps with alcohol wipes
• Soft Serve Levers and Buttons

Dish Area:

• On/Off buttons for the dish machine on both ends
• Sanitize ice bar, shovel as well as stationary and portable ice bin handles
• Replace Ice bin scoops
• Catch counter at the end of the machine
• Lowerator lids
• Dish Cart handles
• Silverware machine handles
• Glass rack handles