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It’s Finally Here!!!

By Executive Chef John Zehnder, CEC, AAC, HGT

As the Executive Chef here at Zehnder’s, I’m often asked for the recipes we use in our restaurant and bakery. So during the slower winter months last year I decided it was finally time to compile many of the most requested Zehnder’s recipes and write a cookbook, but…not just a book of recipes; I’ve included Zehnder family stories along with the recipes since the history of Zehnder’s Restaurant is also the history of the William and Emilie Zehnder family. Makes sense since the William Zehnder family lived for many years on the second floor of Zehnder’s Restaurant. When you dined at Zehnder’s you were dining in their home.

On slow days, we’ll probably serve 2,000 guests so the batches of food we make are larger than most home cooks can imagine.

We compiled a list of our most requested recipes, breaking them down to portion sizes you can use at home. After all, I don’t know of anyone who makes five gallons of cabbage salad dressing at a time!

If you like our buttered noodles with crumb topping, it’s in the book. Chicken liver pate – it’s there along with our creamy cabbage salad and cranberry apple relish.

They’re all there along with our family’s stories. I read several cookbooks every year and enjoy finding out the stories and histories behind the recipes. I think it makes the recipes mean more and I hope you like that I’ve used stories to highlight each recipe. Many of our recipes are family heirlooms – the cranberry apple relish dates back to the mid-1800’s as does the rhubarb crunch recipe which was a favorite of Will Geer – TV’s Grandpa Walton.; it’s an interesting story. Why does Zehnder’s Restaurant have a colonial theme rather than Bavarian? Do you know that our neon sign dates to 1938 and is one of the oldest neon signs in the U.S.?  Is there really a tunnel between Bavarian Inn and Zehnder’s? Why is the family style chicken dinner our signature dinner? What is Henry Ford’s connection to Zehnder’s Restaurant?

And…one of my personal all time favorites; “Uncle Albert and the Elephant”.
What a great stocking stuffer for the Christmas season or a gift for that special cook in your life! I hope you enjoy it as much as I had writing and reminiscing about my family. You can now order Zehnder’s Most Iconic Recipes cookbook online. Enjoy!


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