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Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Just kidding about the Lions and the Bears but we do have the Detroit Tigers visiting Zehnder’s this month. Mark your calendars for the 22nd Annual Zehnder’s Snowfest as we are excited to announce the Detroit Tigers Winter Caravan will roll in to Frankenmuth on January 25th. Approximately 16 players will take center stage in the Snowfest Warming Tent from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Admission is free.

“Thanks to our sponsor Pepsi, we are very proud and excited that the Detroit Tigers Winter Caravan will participate in Snowfest, “said Zehnder’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing John Shelton. “We know our crowds will enjoy seeing members of the 2012 American League Championship team. It’s a great opportunity for Tiger fans to congratulate the players who gave us a winning season.”

The lineup for the Winter Caravan will be announced next week. Snowfest guests will have the opportunity to win prizes, view the 2012 Tiger highlight video and participate in a question and answer period with members of the team. However, due to the limited time the Caravan will be available, this will not be an autograph event. Cameras and video recordings are welcomed.

As in the past, Zehnder’s Snowfest will include crowd favorites like our Double and Single block snow carving championships, State snow sculpting competitions, U.S. National Collegiate Ice Carving Championships, warming tent with entertainment, and the ever popular fireworks display among many other activities for the whole family. We are also certain that the 100-block ice creation depicting The Great Lakes by Award-Winning Certified Master Ice Sculptor, Greg Butauski and team, will amaze young and old alike. Come and enjoy six days of snow-filled fun.

For updates about the Tigers Winter Caravan and Snowfest visit Zehnder’s website and Facebook page.


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