NEW Spring and Summer Menus 2017 | Zehnder's of Frankenmuth

NEW Spring and Summer Menus 2017

Zehnder's new Eggplant Parmesan and Chicken Pot Pie

By Al Zehnder, CEO of Zehnder’s of Frankenmuth
Our chefs are always thinking of or testing new menu items. Sometimes in response to changing dietary needs, customer demand, or something just isn’t working with an existing offering. We’re always tweaking our menu, putting something on or taking something off. We reprint our menus about twice per year; almost always in the spring.

Our revised Spring/Summer 2017 menu will debut with some exciting new offerings. It’s no secret that our number one product is our world famous Family Style Chicken Dinner. That’s not changing but we are taking a more deliberate attempt at providing the freshest, locally sourced vegetables. We started just last week with roasted asparagus, followed this week with a zucchini and summer squash sauté and almost certainly locally grown sweet corn later this summer. We want to provide the freshest possible produce each day.

One new item that will appear on our Luncheon and Dinner Menus is Eggplant Parmesan. Lightly breaded in Italian breadcrumbs then sautéed, topped with our house-made Marinara and a combination of Parmesan and Mozzarella cheeses. My great Aunt Sophie married an Italian chef, John Ardussi. We’ve had this love affair with Italian food for a couple of generations; they’d be proud to see this on our menu.

Another new item, Chicken Pot Pie, is our take on one of the classic, all American comfort foods. Tender chunks of all white chicken combined with carrots, potatoes and peas in a savory broth; presented in our flaky house-made crust. It’s just yumm!

There are some great meat purveyors in Frankenmuth. Each month our Charcuterie Board will feature three locally sourced meats, our house-made chicken liver pate and a variety of artisan cheeses accompanied with breads from our world class bakery.

If you try one of our new products or if you’re back to have one of your favorites, let me know what you think.

Hope to have you back soon.

Hospitably Yours,

Al Zehnder, CEO


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