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People are Talking About Zehnder’s…

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Griggs have been celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and Thanksgiving at Zehnder’s for the past 25 years. I recently had the privilege of meeting this wonderful couple while they were celebrating their 46th wedding anniversary with us. During my conversation, I learned that Gary was recently diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) which is commonly referred to as “Lou Gerhrig’s Disease” which hit home with me because my Grandpa was diagnosed with the same disease in 2004.

Charlene and Gary enjoy visiting Frankenmuth because of the beautiful town and they come back to Zehnder’s every year because each visit is made special by Zehnder’s exceptional customer service! While I got to know Charlene and Gary, they decided to enroll in the Zehnder’s Rewards Program so that they could receive a complimentary Family Style Chicken Dinner and other exclusive offers. I also made sure that they each had a special ice cream sundae brought to their table for their anniversary.

We look forward to welcoming Gary and Charlene back to Zehnder’s for all of their special occasions!
~Shannon Ciszek, Rewards Program Coordinator