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Sixty Four Days Until Launch

By Al Zehnder, CEO of Zehnder’s of Frankenmuth

I was having lunch in Z-Chef’s Café, on the lower level of Zehnder’s, the other day when I noticed one of our regular customers Eric. Eric travels throughout Michigan and I believe the Midwest as the marine insurance expert for a local insurance company.

I waved as I entered the Café and as I got closer, Eric said; “Sixty four days until launch Al.” Sixty four days until launch? I know I had that questioned look on my face like I didn’t know what he meant. He proceeded to say, “Just sixty four days until you can launch a boat.”

I get tired of winter, tired of the cold and I guess sixty four days seems like warm weather is just around the corner. Or maybe closer than you might imagine.
I just came from Splash Village. I like to walk each of our areas each day talking to guests and members of our team. Seeing what’s going on. My version of “management by walking around”. As I entered our new waterpark addition, Atrium Park, the completely glass structure provides a decidedly Spring-like atmosphere. The sun shining in, people in bathing suits and sunglasses. The warm moist air. People having fun in the water. Some taking a quick nap on one of the chaise lounges. Parents applying sunscreen to their kids. Yea, you can get a tan. And it’s 10 degrees outside.

It’s a great space. If you can’t wait for “sixty four days to launch”, experience a bit of summer at Zehnder’s Splash Village. Stay for the day or spend the evening.
Bring the sunscreen.

Hospitably Yours,

Al Zehnder, CEO of Zehnder’s of Frankenmuth


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