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Splash Village Phase II – Project Update

The brutal winter has not dampened our enthusiasm. We are making progress despite the fact that Mother Nature has thrown just about everything she has at us. Sub zero temperatures, snow, rain, freezing rain, wind and then more snow. We’ve got great contractors and we’ve all decided to just “muscle through” and keep the project moving forward.

A lot has been accomplished. Below ground much of the electrical and mechanical systems that will power the facility are in place. Above ground the outdoor pool is roughed in, the slide tower has been erected and the atrium structure is beginning to take shape.
Lots of the infrastructure stuff you will never see, i.e., power lines, sewer service, cable, drainage systems, etc. is done and operational.

Foundations for the 32 additional rooms are being poured and walls for that addition are beginning to go up. The area for the new restaurant and locker rooms is being roughed in as I type this. The expanded arcade is complete and fully operational.

What’s really neat is the view of Frankenmuth and the surrounding countryside from the top of the new slide tower. Click here to view pictures. If you can guess how high the tower is at the top level, I will provide four complimentary water park passes to the first one with the correct answer.

I will keep you posted. Looking forward to Spring.

Hospitably Yours!

Al Zehnder, CEO of Zehnder’s of Frankenmuth


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