Zehnder’s 15th Annual Classic Cigar Open Dinner | Zehnder's of Frankenmuth

Zehnder’s 15th Annual Classic Cigar Open Dinner

Executive Chef John Zehnder, CEC, ACE, HGT, AAC

Wow! You know you’re getting old when fifteen years seems like yesterday! While we do provide each golfer with premium cigars to be smoked out on the course, the highlight of our event is the dinner which always features an outstanding lineup of great food. Our theme this year is “the ultimate surf & turf”.  Did you know that hotels in Las Vegas serve almost a half million pounds of prime rib and 100,000 pounds of Alaskan crab legs each week?

We’re taking those two top choices from Las Vegas and making a dinner to remember out of them. Prime ribs, slow roasted over open flame to give them a mild smoky flavor, and succulent Alaskan crab are the stars of our culinary show. A wonderful selection of seasonal accompaniments will also be featured. If you are familiar with my style of cooking you know I’m all for using locally grown foods – in season. Featured items include late fall beefsteak tomatoes with cucumbers, candied acorn squash, au gratins made from local potatoes and cauliflower with cheddar cheese sauce. Chef August Escoffier, the greatest chef of the 20th century, called cauliflower “the king of vegetables” and for good reason. A little sideline to our dinner….as a chef you get to know people personally from all walks of life. A few weeks ago I attended the American Culinary Federation Annual Convention in Las Vegas. Over 2,000 chefs from the U.S. and around the world attended this event. Foodservice companies proudly present their products to the chefs and one of those companies is the Alaska Seafood Commission. Crab boat Captain Scott “Junior” Campbell of the Seabrooke – if you watch the Deadliest Catch you know all about him – is one of the Alaska Seafood representatives. Over the years I’ve gotten to know Junior quite well since company representatives often attend social and dinner functions with the chefs. I told him about our upcoming dinner. Captain Campbell says to say “hi” from the crew of the Seabrooke and hopes we all enjoy the crab legs. Don’t want to golf or smoke cigars? We have a limited number of dinner only tickets available for $55 per person. Join us at the Fortress Pavilion on October 3rd at 6:30 p.m.