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Zehnder’s Snowfest 2018 Snow Sculpting Winners

During January 24 through January 27, snow and ice sculptors from the World, State, Collegiate and High School divisions competed to transform blocks of snow into dazzling works of art. And the top talent of Zehnder’s Snowfest 2018 are…

The Zehnder’s Snowfest World Class Single and Double Block Snow Sculpting Winners:

1st Place Double Block – Team Wisconsin – Dan Ingebrigston, Mark Hargarten, Greg Morner with “Bisson”

People’s Choice Double Block – Team Canada – Denis Bolohan and Pat Conrad with “Burger and Fries”

1st Place Single Block – Team Michigan – Luke Dehtiar, Ryan Olszowy and Max Dehtiar with “Mushroom House”

2nd Place Single Block – Team Wisconsin – Jeffrey Olson, Garret Wendtlandt and Jamie Doeren with “What Now”

3rd Place Single Block (Not Pictured) – Team Mexico – Isabel Torres, Braulio Hernandez and Javier with “Promise of Pegasus”

People’s Choice – Team Michigan – Luke Dehtiar, Ryan Olszowy and Max Dehtier with “Mushroom House”

World Class Double Block Winners:

World Class Single Block Winners:

The Zehnder’s Snowfest State Snow Sculpting Winners:

1st Place – Caitlen Moore, Brian Mueller and Josh Prusha with “Baby Monster”

2nd Place – Tom Gillman, Jacob Gillman and Nelson Niederer with “Sitting Dragon”

3rd Place – Michael Leser, Nick Bence and Adam Messing with “Frankenstein’s Laboratory”

Honorable Mention – Adam Dennison, Matthew Doyle and Tom Ward with King of the Polar Bears

People’s Choice – Hannah VanConett, Jace Binder and Heather Pitt with “Hidden Layers”

State Snow Sculpting Winners:

The Zehnder’s Snowfest High School Snow Sculpting Winners:

1st Place: John Glenn B – Lucas Pobanz, Nathan Jacobs, Ashley Maxwell and Anna Hubner with “Yeti Wants to Build a Snowman”

2nd Place: Home Team – Alex Luke, Shelbie Edgett, Jacob Szatkowski and Nathan Szatkowski with “House in the Trees”

3rd Place: Hemlock – Mo Goka, Gavin Briggs, Isobel Brady and Jessica Berlin with “Motherly Love”

High School Winners:

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