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Zehnder’s Snowfest 2020 Snow Sculpting Winners

[PHOTOS] During January 22 through January 25, snow and ice sculptors from the World, State, Collegiate and High School divisions competed to transform blocks of snow into dazzling works of art. And the top talent of Zehnder’s Snowfest 2020 are…

The Zehnder’s Snowfest High School Snow Sculpting Winners:

1st Place: Team Hometeam IIA with “Turtles” – Kira Spencer, Gillian Szatkowski, Gabriel Husted, Captain: Joel Luke and Chaperone: Angie Luke

2nd Place: Team Hometeam IIB with “Lighthouse” – 2nd Place: Hometeam IIB with “Lighthouse” – Jessica Gibson, Ben Flint, Carson Kirby, Marie Harmon and Chaperone: Angie Luke

3rd Place: Mt. Pleasant Team B with “Jacque” – Alexis Zimmerman, Cory Gaskill, Maryam Abdullahi, Captain: Nicha Naksen and Chaperone: Jill Zimmerman


World Class and State Teams

Double Block Teams
First Place: “Scavengers” by Team Wisconsin – David Andrews, Gina Diliberti, Zachary Rueter and Jessie Diliberti

People’s Choice: “Two Bit Piece” by Team Michigan/Canada – Bob Fulks, Ian Washington, Jane King and Walt Farr

Single Block Teams
First Place: “Coming in Hot” by Team Michigan/Illinois – Eric Hutchinson, Derek Sapikowski and Mark LeFreniere

Second Place: “This is the Way” by Team Holly/Michigan – Gordon Oberman, Tommy Licavoli and Sam Licavoli

Third Place: “Slice of Life” by Team Troy, Michigan – Michael Leser, Nick Bence and Adam Messing

People’s Choice: “When Pigs Fly” by Team Ohio – Charlie Schreier, Carol Culbertson and Dave Chesar

State Block Teams
First Place: “Peace” by Evan Foster, Al Foster and Shaunna Hocolm

Second Place: “A Broken Home” by Jared Schoen, Jessica Berlin and Gavin Briggs

Third Place: “Jaali (Rhino)” by Shane Smith, Rebecca Smith and Chloe Smith

People’s Choice: “Samurai and the Dragon” by Lucas Pobanz, Nathan Jacobs and Anna Hubner

Honorable Mention: “The Fox” by Andrew Brown, Jake Zoller and Jake Hartwick



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