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Zehnder’s Tour de Frankenmuth Dampens Roads, Not Spirits

Congratulations to all the participants of the 6th Annual Zehnder’s Tour de Frankenmuth held this past Memorial Day holiday weekend…although Mother Nature may have dampened the roadway, she could not dampen the competitive spirit of over 400 racers. Zehnder’s is proud to be the title sponsor and we look forward to another exciting weekend of racing activities in 2013.

The top 3 winners of each category are as follows:

1st Place: Paolo Eugeni, Time: 2:36:25.97
2nd Place: Carlos Goncalves, Time: 2:36:26.65
3rd Place: Cary Roseth, Time: 2:36:26.81

1st Place: Chris Johnson, Time: 2:00:58.03
2nd Place: Mike Jones, Time: 2:00:58.14
3rd Place: Dave Fanslow, Time: 2:00:58.27

1st Place: Mike Renneboog, Time: 2:04:51.88
2nd Place: John Shedlock, Time: 2:04:53.14
3rd Place: Dave Ide, Time: 2:04:55.08

1st Place: Samuel Forsyth, Time: 0:49:38.85
2nd Place: Ryan Durand, Time: 0:53:44.01
3rd Place: River Barden, Time: 0:54:42.67

1st Place: Levi Veltkamp, Time: 0:43:19.81
2nd Place: Luke Mullis, Time: 0:43:20.42
3rd Place: Keegan Korienek: 0:43:21.12

1st Place: Spencer Virtue, Time: 0:43:16.89
2nd Place: Seth Fickel, Time: 0:43:19.14
3rd Place: Kyle Bohnsack, Time: 0:43:19.63

1st Place: Eric MacDonald, Time: 0:43:14.74
2nd Place: Dylan Gonda, Time: 0:43:17.60
3rd Place: Seth Downes, Time: 0:43:18.99

Men-CAT 5-U37:
1st Place: Jon Wlodarczak, Time: 1:22:46.19
2nd Place: Peter Sotherland, Time: 1:22:46.41
3rd Place: Matthew Ronan, Time: 1:22:46.43

Men-CAT 5-37+:
1st Place: Michael Gardynik, Time: 1:26:07.89
2nd Place: Jeff Gantzer, Time: 1:26:09.96
3rd Place: Alexander Gaulin, Time: 1:26:10.01

Men-CAT 4:
1st Place: Nick Mathis, Time: 1:55:31.48
2nd Place: Tom Payn, Time: 1:55:31.49
3rd Place: Jeremy Vanspronsen, Time: 1:55:31.52

Men-CAT 3:
1st Place: Colin Vis, Time: 2:35:49.70
2nd Place: Bryan Kuyper, Time: 2:35:49.78
3rd Place: Anthony Prentice, Time: 2:35:49.97

1st Place: Dan Korienek, Time: 3:05:53.14
2nd Place: Steve Broglio, Time: 3:05:53.89
3rd Place: Geoff Power, Time: 3:05:54.90

1st Place: Ellie Korienek
2nd Place: Kiersen Korienek, Time: 1:12:53.97

1st Place: Sarah Gonda, Time: 1:03:17.87

Katie Hamel, Time: 0:49:00.03
Maddie Kreslins, Time: 0:49:01.72

1st Place: Abbey Smich, Time: 0:49:33.12
2nd Place: Sarah Hartwell, Time: 0:54:24.43

Women-CAT 4:
1st Place: Jane Van Hof, Time: 1:33:05.60
2nd Place: Katie Whidden, Time: 1:33:05.66
3rd Place: Melissa Ryba, Time: 1:33:06.08

Women-CAT 3:
1st Place: Dori Leib, Time: 2:18:12.01
2nd Place: Danielle McKibbon, Time: 2:18:12.18
3rd Place: Laura Merendez, Time: 2:18:12.89

1st Place: Sarah Demerly, Time: 2:18:11.82
2nd Place: Kathy Everts, Time: 2:18:11.86
3rd Place: Alicia Trevino, Time: 2:18:11.98

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