Zehnder’s Buttered Noodles – Our Secret Recipe!

Shhhhh…don’t tell anyone! Here’s the secret for our famous Buttered Noodles! It’s our most requested recipe.

We slow boil our egg noodles in water – two parts water to one part noodles. To that water, we add Zehnder’s Chicken Seasoning – one tablespoon per quart of water. Once the noodles are tender, we drain BUT we do NOT rinse them.


While the unrinsed noodles are hot, we toss butter into the noodles. The starch on the noodles mixes with butter and forms a light butter sauce. Real butter does work best! Rest for 2-3 minutes before serving allowing the butter to do its job.

Now for the cracker Crumb Topping:
We use a mix of half Saltine Crackers and half Ritz Crackers. Place them in a resealable plastic bag and coarse crush using a rolling pin. Heat butter to medium hot and add the crackers. Stir around until the crackers turn golden brown and give off a nut-like aroma. While hot, put the crackers back in the resealable bag and recrush with a rolling pin to fine consistency. If you crush too fine before browning, they will come out greasy. Don’t know why, they just do!

Enjoy and remember that you can purchase Zehnder’s Egg Noodles and Zehnder’s Chicken Seasoning from our online store here.

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2 Responses to Zehnder’s Buttered Noodles – Our Secret Recipe!

  1. Beverly Snyder says:

    I thought my mothers potato soup was the best, then I had Zehnders WoW it was great. May I get your recipe? Thank you.

    Beverly Snyder

  2. ZChef says:

    You’re very welcome. This is our most requested recipe and we’re happy that we are able to share it. Hope to see you at Zehnder’s sometime soon!