2,500 and Counting…

2,500 is not the number of guests we served, or the number of baked goods that we’ve sold; but the number of Twitter followers we need so you can “Tweet yourself” to a $500 gift card!

Here’s how it works: once Zehnder’s official Twitter page reaches 2,500 followers, we will randomly select one lucky follower to receive a $500 Zehnder’s gift card valid at any Zehnder’s property. So “Tweet yourself” and start following us at www.twitter.com/zehnders today for your chance to win! Click here for complete details and rules.

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10 Responses to 2,500 and Counting…

  1. William says:

    Hello from south MI it is 32 here.

  2. gene ortman says:

    I DO love this place!

  3. We luv Frankenmuth!!! Our whole Family has Christmas Birthdays, from
    Great Grandma, Grandma, Daughters were all born on Christmas Eve. The last daughter was born on March 24th, 1989. That was Good Friday, she came home on Easter Sunday!! So, Frankenmuth is our Favorite place to vacation because of the atmosphere of Christmas all year!!!
    We Thank you for the Great Services all of these Years!!
    Hugs & Kisses! lol

  4. June Weiss says:

    We love Frankenmuth and Zehnder’s…Coming from Ontario, we go there at least once a year, usually twice a year. We stay over & make it a nice little holiday!

  5. Michael Reilly says:

    Greatest chicken dinners in the world. Love to visit the bakery and your beautiful town.👏

  6. Todd Coe says:

    Been going to Frankenmuth and Zehnders for years and it’s a peaceful place to get away to. It’s like going back in time. Also we got married there last year and had our rehearsal dinner at Zehnders.

  7. KAREN KALLIS says:


    Frankenmuth was always a favorite place to visit as a child, now 40 years later with my own family, we have carried on the German tradition a few times a year.
    See you for Octoberfest!!

  8. Miranda Bunga says:

    I love this place

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