Zehnder’s Friday Night Barbecues Return at The Fortress! | Zehnder's of Frankenmuth

Zehnder’s Friday Night Barbecues Return at The Fortress!

By Executive Chef John Zehnder, CEC, AAC, HGT

Here we go again! It’s June and our Fortress BBQ season starts on Friday, June 6th. We’d like to thank all of you who attended our Z Chef’s Café Friday Night Fish Fry and hope that you’ll check out The Fortress BBQ. We have a five week rotation of exciting menus, something for everyone!

We’ll start things off with our Kansas City BBQ featuring pork spareribs and smoked beef brisket. The second week is the ever popular New York Strip Steak Cookout followed by the Hawaiian Festival, my favorite; on week three with the whole roasted pig. If you’re into Cajun and New Orleans style foods, we have our Bourbon Street BBQ on week four. Last, but not least, is our All American BBQ on week five with BBQ pork spareribs and chicken.

And then…we repeat the menus a second time and finish off on August 1st. Prices vary with the different menus; ranging from $14.95 up to $17.95. For complete menus and pricing, you can call our Guest Services office at (989) 652-0450 or click here to view them online.

The Fortress pavilion is the perfect setting for our barbecues. It’s an open air setting with a view of the golf course, a relaxing setting where you can relax and enjoy our Michigan summer surrounded by good food and your favorite beverages. Hope to see you there!