Dishworker | Zehnder's of Frankenmuth


Posting Date: 06/27/2016
Job Title: Dishworker – Main Kitchen
Department Food & Beverage
Shifts: 10am–7pm, 11am-8pm, 2-C, 5-C

Job Description:
The daily set up of the machines in the work area and cleaning of the previous day’s dirty dishes.
Heating of soup cups, plates, odds and, other necessities for the opening of business
and replacing them in the proper location for use.
Washing of pots/pans in compliance to the health codes and in proper amounts to user areas.
Assists servers/service area in the cleaning of dropped trays and spills.
Assists in the salad/hot line in the event of need.
Removal of trash, getting laundry, and other such odd jobs.

Must be able to stand for long periods of times.
Primarily Weekends
Able to lift a minimum of 10 lbs. Must be 18 years of age or older.

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