Art for the Oven

Aug 29, 2011

Polish Pottery had its beginnings in the early 1800’s in the German province of Silesia, now part of southwest Poland. At that time, the farmers created the Bunzlauer Stoneware, being inspired by the peacock feather with its wonderful colors. This antique stoneware can be found in museums, antique shops and private collections throughout Europe. Today in the town of Boleslawiec, there are now skilled artisans individually hand crafting each piece. They are producing traditional patterns of the last century, as well as more ornate designs called Unikat, or Signature, known around the world.

Traditional patterns use greens, blues and earth tones. The Unikat (Signature) patterns that we primarily select have added other accent colors to their very ornate and sophisticated designs. The decorative motifs are applied to the surface with a variety of small stamps and hand painting – often with many hundreds of strokes-each a little different. They are then signed by the artist. After the paint is applied, the piece is fired at 1,200 degrees Centigrade or above. Glaze is added before the second and final firing. All paints and glazes are free of lead and cadmium.

We are pleased to have you see the Polish Pottery Stoneware we’ve come to love. Some time ago, we were introduced to it and slowly acquired a few pieces and learned how practical and functional it is-truly-“Art for the Oven”. Our customers are returning again and again to add to their collection.

Visit us in September and October for the largest ever selection available in Zehnder’s Marketplace.

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