Back Dock Worker | Zehnder's of Frankenmuth

Back Dock Worker

Department: Dock
Position: Back Dock Worker
Function: Responsible for the proper receiving, accurate verification, and secure storage of all goods received by Zehnder’s.

Work Performed:

1. Checking the invoices to be sure they portray accurately the amounts. pricing, and qaulity as directed.
2. The presentation of courtesy, as it relates to route drivers and vendor representatives.
3. To hold in trust the pricing structures of the various companies; not showing competing companies the others prices.
4. The proper and secure storage of all goods received by Zehnder’s.
5. Notice to the dock foreman when goods received do not comply with goods ordered; shorts, back orders, substitutions, etc.
6. Proper sanitation of the work area as assigned by the dock foreman including the coolers, freezers, storage areas, etc., so as to be in compliance with the Saginaw County Health Department.
7. The maintenance of a hazzard free area as not to promote accident or danger.
8. Assist in the sanitation and care of the compactor area and the discarded grease area as directed by the dock foreman.
9. Assist in the shipping of UPS materials for the gift shop and foodstore.
10. To be available for errands; bags for the various departments, airport runs, pick up of vendor supplies, etc.
11. To take responsibility for all invoices personally signed and to insure their proper disposition.
12. Any other duties as assigned by Dock Foreman

Physical Requirements: Must be able to walk and stand for extended periods of time. Able to lift 80 lbs. on a regular basis. Able to work a variety of shifts.
Educational Requirements: High School Diploma or equivalent. Basic mechanical knowledge to operate a pallet jack.
Age Requirements: Must be 18 years of age or older


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