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Grill Helper

Elf Kitchen

Department: Food and Beverage – Main Kitchen
Position: Grill Helper
Reports to: Kitchen Supervisor/Kitchen Manager

Function: Responsible for assisting the first and second cooks in supplying an uninterrupted flow of condiments, food products, and cooked menu items from raw to a prepared state – ready to serve to guests in our dining rooms.

Work Performed:
• Filling and portioning condiments for the dining rooms – such items as tartar sauce, cocktail sauce and lemons.
• Assist in the powdering of perch and veal; additionally, to help in the prep of any other food item as requested by the first cook on duty.
• The proper stocking of the grill area coolers and freezers in anticipation of the expected daily needs as recorded on the production sheets.
• Cooking of noodles, vegetables, and other items that are routine as instructed by the first cook on duty.
• Watching the food items of the hot tops so that the quality and freshness of products are maintained.
• Function as a food disher in the grill area assisting the first and second cooks when needed and working as a team with them.
• Maintain a sanitary work area as directed by the first cooks and in compliance with the Saginaw County Health Department.
• Work with the first and second cooks to ensure that the grill area is free of hazards that could cause injury or accident.
• Assist in the nightly clean-up duties of the areas as instructed.
• Any other duties as assigned by management.

• Ability to stand and walk continually, lift a minimum of 40 lbs.
• Available to work nights, weekends and holidays
• Must be 18 years of age or older.

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