People Are Talking About Zehnder’s…and Charles Sanders!

Nov 29, 2012

As many of you know, this past month we celebrated the birthday of Charles Sanders, one of our beloved employees. We posted his birthday greeting on Facebook, and come to find out, Charles is basically a celebrity!

After 1,676 “likes”, 118 comments and 41 shares, we had to find out what Charles’s secret was. There really is no question; he is full of laughter, great stories and tips on what shows to watch. People draw from his enthusiastic nature. When asked why everyone loves him so much, he began laughing and said “People loved my wife, Dixie, when I started 17 years ago, this was an entirely different environment, and I think the love for Dixie just rubbed off on me.”

Chuck’s wife Dixie was a fixture at Zehnder’s for nearly 40 years. Dixie began as a server on February 4, 1968 and retired on April 22, 2007. When the rigors of being a server proved too demanding she assisted others by folding napkins for them. Dixie will be remembered for her friendly manner, her good heart and quick smile. We grew to know Chuck through Dixie because he would drop her off to work each day and then pick her up again. Living just a few blocks from the restaurant, the summer months allowed Chuck and Dixie the opportunity to walk, always hand in hand, to and from work.

Charles is a retired Marine and served during the Korean War. He also spent time as a carpenter prior to working at Zehnder’s, he said “I knew nothing about working at a place like Zehnder’s, but I love working here. I wish I would’ve worked here my whole life.”

Charles’s outlook and love for his job has an admirable affect on guests as well as employees. Thank you Charles for your dedication and once again, happy birthday!

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