People Are Talking About Zehnder’s – Edward Tenbusch Celebrates his 100th Birthday!

Dec 20, 2011

We welcomed back Mr. Edward Tenbusch on December 14, 2011 to celebrate his 100th birthday with us! You certainly do not turn 100 every year and Edward enjoyed a very special 100th birthday celebration with a visit from Bill Parlberg (C.O.O. of Zehnder’s) and Al Zehnder (C.E.O. of Zehnder’s) and a personalized birthday cake! Edward chose Zehnder’s to celebrate this momentous occasion because he enjoys Zehnder’s side dish of fresh pickles generally served during the summer months. To Edward’s surprise, we served him fresh pickles from our Foodstore in honor of his birthday! We hope that Edward and his family enjoyed celebrating his birthday with us as much as we did!

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