We’re Seeing Double at Zehnder’s!

Jun 24, 2015

twinningFor twins Sharon and Sharleen, it’s double the fun at Zehnder’s! Wearing matching everything, the twins do everything together – including celebrate birthdays. This year, Sharon and Sharleen celebrated their 76th birthday at Zehnder’s to enjoy their favorites – the chicken dinners and the streudels downstairs in the bakery.

“We love Frankenmuth! The chicken livers and dressing are really close to how we make it
so we love to eat here.”

The oldest of 8 children from Davison, Michigan; they had a double wedding, matching
dresses and the same bridal party. They even dressed alike throughout school and worked
together at one point in time. They continue to get their hair cut together to this day.
Both served as President and VP of the Michigan Twin and International Twin groups
together – because, hey; it’s a twin group!

Thanks to Sharon and Sharleen for stopping by Zehnder’s and we hope to see them twice as much in the future!

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