Zehnder’s House-Made Applesauce

Aug 29, 2011

Applesauce is a great treat that you can make in your own home. Whether served warm or cold, applesauce is a sweet, comforting and delicious treat loved by all. Here at Zehnder’s, we house-make our own applesauce so we can share a little bit of love with all of our guests. One batch of our tasty applesauce consists of seven cases of Empire Red apples and seven cases of Golden Delicious apples. Each case is considered as one volume bushel, which contains right around 100 apples. That means we use approximately 1,400 apples just for one batch!

First, the apples are thoroughly washed with cold water. Then, all the apples get cut in half so they cook faster and more evenly. Once all the apples are cut, they are divided up into two 60 gallon steam kettles. Each kettle has half of the Empire Red apples and half of the Golden Delicious apples. Then, we add one quart of sugar and five gallons of water to each kettle. Next, we cover the kettles and let them steam cook for 45 minutes or just until they are mushy but still a little bit firm. Once they are at the perfect texture, we run the apples through a food mill that grinds the apples removing the skin and seeds turning it into our house-made applesauce. Just before it is served to our guests, we add a sprinkle of cinnamon maple to the applesauce to top it all off. All in all, Zehnder’s House-Made Applesauce is a simple, tasty treat for all of our guests to enjoy!

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