Zehnder’s of Frankenmuth Ranked #1 Independent Restaurant in Michigan and one of the Most Legendary Restaurants in the World

Oct 17, 2023

Zehnder’s of Frankenmuth, the 1,500 seat family restaurant located 90 miles north of Detroit in Frankenmuth, Mich., has been ranked the number one independent restaurant in Michigan, and number three in the country for the number of meals served among US independent restaurants. The Top 100 Independent Restaurants in the United States report is a survey by the hospitality trade magazine, Restaurant Business. Also this year, TasteAtlas named Zehnder’s one of the Most Legendary Restaurants in the World.

Restaurant Business reported that in 2022, Zehnder’s served 908,951 meals with an average guest check of $19. Rankings, based on sales, placed Zehnder’s as #46 among the top 100 independent restaurants in the United States. According to Restaurant Business: “The Top 100 Independents ranking is a measure of the highest-grossing independent restaurants. Only restaurant concepts with no more than five locations are considered “independents” for the purpose of this list. Rankings are based on gross 2021 food and beverage sales.”

TasteAtlas recently published a list of the 150 Most Legendary Restaurants in the World. Zehnder’s is ranked #14 for its popular family-style chicken eatery. The experiential travel online guide stated: “These are establishments that have remained relevant and highly regarded in an ever-changing culinary landscape. Our list celebrates these enduring icons of gastronomy, the restaurants that prioritize substance over show, serving honest, no-nonsense food that is simply delectable.” TasteAtlas “…collates authentic recipes, food critic reviews, and research articles about popular ingredients and dishes. The site uses reviews and recommendations from gastronomy professionals and critics reviews instead of user-generated content, citing trustworthiness as the main reason.”

“We are extremely proud of our accomplishments to provide our guests with a consistent experience that includes good food and service,” said Zehnder’s Chairman and CEO Al Zehnder.
“We opened on Mother’s Day in 1929, and served 312 chicken dinners at $1 each. Over the years we have expanded the Zehnder Experience into a “four-season family vacation destination”, adding our indoor waterpark hotel Zehnder’s Splash Village, our retail facility, Zehnder’s Marketplace and our championship golf course The Fortress. Change is good; however tradition is paramount to our success.”

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