Your Last Chance to Enter the 2nd Annual Why I Like Zehnder’s Contest – You Could Win the Ultimate Zehnder’s Experience! | Zehnder's of Frankenmuth

Your Last Chance to Enter the 2nd Annual Why I Like Zehnder’s Contest – You Could Win the Ultimate Zehnder’s Experience!

Zehnder’s is all about traditions and family and we want to know what you enjoy most about our restaurant, golf course, gift shop, bakery, or hotel and waterpark.

Fill us in on your favorite traditions, moments or memories using words (no more than 100) to explain “Why I Like Zehnders.”
To enter our Why I Like Zehnder’s contest just follow these three easy steps:

1. “Like” Zehnder’s facebook page by clicking here.
2. Tell us why you like Zehnder’s on the “Why I Like Zehnder’s” Facebook tab using 100 words or less.
3. (If you win…) Get ready for the Ultimate Zehnder’s Experience!

Starting August 1st, fans have until September 30th, 2015 to submit their entries. The winner and their family (up to 4 guests) will receive a two night stay in a Family Suite at Zehnder’s Splash Village Hotel and waterpark, breakfast buffet each morning, private personalized dinner prepared by our Executive Culinary team, a welcome gift basket from Zehnder’s marketplace, complimentary waterpark passes and a private cabana for your use during your stay. Good luck! Click here to view official contest rules.


  1. we would love to win….love waterparks and you are close to home…….

  2. Shannon Zelle says:

    I love the way my children light up when we pull into splash village parking lot we go for my daughters birthday every year and it’s her favorite place I love that I can afford to do this for her and my son

  3. Celeste Davis says:

    In 2005, we used to live in Florida. My grandmother pasted away, so we came back to Michigan for the funeral. While we were here we went to Frankenmuth. When we drove past Zehnder’s and we see the big slide we knew being a rough week with the 3 kids we needed a break, so we went and stayed there. We LOVED it! Watching my kids let loose and just have fun. From the big bucket to my 3 year old sliding down the purple baby slide thinking it was the biggest slide she ever saw. I will never forget!

  4. Jennifer Menendez says:

    Growing up in Michigan, my mom’s favorite place was Frankenmuth. In 2002, my mom (Linda Lee) and I moved to Orlando. Every November 19th, we would mention how we missed having Zehnder’s chicken for her birthday dinner. My mom walked me down the aisle, and was by my side when my husband and I welcomed our twin daughters. On June 6, 2014, God called her to teach in Heaven. I miss my mom every day. I feel so close to her in Frankenmuth; and am beyond grateful for every opportunity to share, and create new memories with my own family.

  5. Thomas mcgee says:

    Love this place .love the lazy river.the best time had there one year my children told me I was the best dad in the world for taking them to zender splash villiage.still come with my grown children every chance we get the McGee s

  6. Lauri Arnett says:

    We had a work outing at Zehnders a few years ago. Not only did I get to spend time with my coworkers and their families, I also was able to bring my now fiancé and his son. The look on their faces was priceless. They had never been to Frankenmuth and never to a hotel of this size. His son still begs for us to go back. The list of things to do, the awesome food and great service is what made this trip so fun. The German theme is something they never experienced before.

    I’d love to return someday and be able to show them more of the town. Unfortunately due to an upcoming surgery it won’t be until I build my funds back up.

    Great memories. Great times!!!

  7. TONYA WOODS says:

    I liked the time I brought my girls and my nieces for a couple of days. We had the package that included dinner at Zendher’ s. They all had so much Fun! 🙂

  8. Bill Schaefer says:

    Zehnder’s has always been a reliable place to meet family & friends for a good dinner!
    Everyone loves their chicken – the children to their Grandparents! And of course when you are done with the meal, there is always someplace to walk to or go see!

  9. Verline Ferris says:

    My favorite time to Zehnders was when I invited the lady ham radio operators for lunch on our 25th Anniversary. We had fun looking at one of the gals new motorhome and visiting with her and her husband. They had just retired and sold their home and got the huge new traveling home. We ate downstairs at the buffet. Then we took a stroll around town visiting stores,eating ice cream, and finishing off with your bakery goodies.

  10. Roxanne Warner says:

    We love Zehnder’s! It is a family tradition every Fall! We enjoy making memories and look forward to making many more!

  11. Cathy Avery says:

    I have been coming to Zehnder’s for over 40 years. I went with my family and now I bring my family and friends to enjoy. Love the water park, chicken, shopping, uptown , Bronners, and the people there are fantastic!

  12. Julieann Shaw says:

    I would love to take my family on a mini vacation. we were unable to this year. I got to enjoy a night here for a senior trip with my daughter and we had so much fun. I would love to share with the rest of my family.

  13. tara says:

    I. Like. Your. Pool

  14. Stephane Faiman says:

    one of my favorite memories from elementary school was the trip we took in 6th grade to Zehnders. we got to go in to the kitchen and see the huge mixers and ovens. then we got to eat some pastries too!

    Now as an adult with children we enjoy the waterpark. My favorite memories of my children at Zehners was the excitement of my oldest after riding the water slide for the first time. As well as the joy my youngest has pretending the mushroom hut is her house.

  15. Aimee Krull says:

    My family loves coming to Zehnder’s. The food is great. We look forward to the all you can eat chicken dinner. The best memorable moment was when my youngest boy was four. We arrived to our hotel room. He jumped on the bed and layed down. I told him to go get his bathing suit on and he said “No, I’m going to stay here and take a nap, this is the most comforable bed!” To hear this out of a four year old was hilarious. Let’s just say he loved the water park just as much.

  16. Stephanie says:

    I myself have never been to zehnder’s but my son and daughter have. I have been wanted to go and see what all the excitement that my kids have told me about this place. we have actually been told that my oldest son is related to the owners because he is also a Zehnder and would love to somehow find out due to him never being a part of his father’s life or family. I think it would be awesome to vacation here with my family but funds are not available for this kind of fun due to only one income in the household.

  17. vicki mcdonald says:

    I love vendors because I have never been there. I loved unders because of all the stories I hear from other friends and family about their tradition and annual trips.
    I would love to take my kids there to experience the water park. I would love to have a sit down family dinner with the great chicken I have heard about. I would love to take the opportunity to teach my kids a little about their German heritage. I can’t believe I have yet to take advantage of this gem so close to. home!

  18. Michelle Lepper says:

    I took my son to your waterpark for his 10th and 11th birthday parties. We had the best time. It was a very special time for a mom and son bonding and he LOVED the water park, as well as the cafe and the room. Thanks so much!

  19. tammy busey says:

    Zenders is a vacation you will never forget.great family fun vacation that has everything you would want or need .great atmosphere ,service,food ,and area attractions all at a great affordable price. Come see for yourself .

  20. Suzanne Butala says:

    We have been visiting Frankenmuth since my daughter was a toddler. For her 13th birthday she thought the perfect party would be to spend the night in a suite with her friends. On other occasions we have brought our girl scout troop to share the experience. I still love the group photos of the girls in the pool. At 17, she still gets excited when we plan a trip. Family time spent dining, at the water park and the arcade is treasured. It’s a welcome opportunity to put the cell phone and other electronics aside and concentrate on each other. Floating on the lazy river, especially in winter months when you can see the snow outside, is such a relaxing escape. I would love to win a special trip to enjoy with our family before she graduates from high school.

  21. Kimberly Apley says:

    Zehnders is the ultimate family experience! from the family style dinners to the family friendly hotel. We love Zehmders!!

  22. Brittney Case says:

    I love Zenders because it was a place I was able to create amazing first memories with my daughter at your watermark. We had a blast and your staff was very friendly. I would love to make more memories with Zenders.

  23. Bryan McClurg says:

    For Family, Friends, or Foes, nothing beats a fall day in Frankenmuth with Zehnders Waterpark, Zehnders Famous Chicken dinner. See you all there!

  24. Rudolph Shorter says:

    My wife and I have 6 children , 21 grandchildren all of which have stayed at the Water Park or eaten at Zenders in the last 25 years. The Grandchildren eyes get as big as saucers when the Family Style dinner arrives. Many in their 20’s still remind us of fun times at the Water Park. We have 4 Great Grandchild and one due any day looking forward to next round of fun at Zenders.

  25. Becky Westers says:

    All the stress from our busy lives immediately disappears as we drive down the main street of Frankenmuth and into the parking lot at Zehnder’s Splash Village. This is why we have continued over the years to choose Zehnder’s as the place for our family to “escape.” Whether it is at the new and improved water park, eating a delicious dinner at historic Zehnder’s, shopping at Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland or in downtown Frankenmuth, or enjoying the offerings of family activities at the hotel and at the summer kids’ camp, our family will forever be grateful for and treasure these memories.

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