Chicken Delight

Aug 29, 2011

Zehnder’s is proud to display thousands of flowers every Spring and Summer for our guests. We plant everything from Papyrus or ‘King Tut’ at Zehnder’s Restaurant to Coneflower or ‘Magnus’ flowers outside of Zehnder’s Splash Village. Our Topiary Chicken, which is perched directly in front of our famous neon sign, is perhaps the most photographed of all of our blooms on display. The Chicken, developed by popular Topiary Artist, Joe Kyte (Topiary Joe), was created in 1999 especially for Zehnder’s Restaurant. Topiary Joe is known for his topiary sculptures throughout Disney and Seaworld. He has also created “living logos” for HGTV, Absolut Vodka and even Oprah Winfrey. You can view more of his work at Topiary Joe’s website,

The topiary chicken is displayed throughout the spring and summer months and hibernates at Keit’s Greenhouse in Bay City, Michigan during the winter months. The sculpture is planted with 9,000 red and white begonia plugs on the head, body and wings and the tail is planted with red fountain grass. The plants grow in sphagnum peat moss which also hides the frame. Ironically, the peat moss is held to the topiary frame by chicken wire (go figure!). The beak is made of steel, melted together to form the shape and it is painted in yellow. This bird weighs a whopping 2,500 pounds after watering! Be sure to stop by Zehnder’s Restaurant to get your picture taken with our famous chicken.

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