For the First Time

Aug 31, 2012

Zehnder's Marketplace

I was a young girl living in Flint the first time I heard of Frankenmuth. My best friend and neighbor moved to this city I had never heard of before and thought I would never see again. Her family, being of German descent and very religious, thought it would be a great community to raise their children in. At that time, I thought only people who were German heritage could live there. My family helped them load all their belongings and drove the 45 minutes to this unheard of new city.

I remember the first time we drove into Frankenmuth; quaint, clean and quiet. We ate lunch at the Franken Eck Restaurant; they had eggs with colored shells! Wow! This is really a magical and special place and I thought I would never visit again. Well, 24 years ago, I moved to Frankenmuth and started my family in this beautiful community. I am not of German descent, but they let me in anyways. Who knew? The first time I went to Zehnder’s was 24 years ago for a job interview. As you probably know by now, I got the job! If you have visited us here at Zehnder’s, I hope you have been able to experience the Retail Marketplace in the lower level. If you have yet to visit us, stop down because I know your first time will be filled with all the delicious scents of our Bakery, the beauty of all the treasures in our Gift Shop, and even though we do not have colored eggs, we do have plenty of wonderful Zehnder products to take home to enjoy with your family and to always remember your first time.

~Jan Rusch, Zehnder’s Retail Marketplace Manager

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