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Fun Facts From Zehnder’s Bakery

Did you know that the total number of baked goods made in 2010 at Zehnder’s Foodstore was 999,675?

Here are the Top Ten best selling baked goods in Zehnder’s Foodstore for 2010:

Frosted Butterhorns – 49,184
Chocolate Chip Cookies – 44,900
Donuts (all varieties) – 39,345
Cherry Pie Cookies – 23,517
Pies (all varieties) – 22,237
Stollen (fruit) Bread – 23,337
White Sandwich Loaves – 13,531
Decorated Holiday Cookies – 17,838
Double Fudge Brownies – 10,125
Bachofen (round white) Loaves – 8,450

And of course, Fruitcakes at 2,100 – who says folks don’t like them???
~Zehnder’s Foodstore and Bakery Staff


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