It’s Been 95 Years of Serving Mothers

Apr 30, 2024

I can hardly imagine the excitement and anticipation my grandparents must have felt. Having purchased the New Exchange Hotel in December of 1928 and then spending the next few months cleaning up and renovating the building, they were ready to open.

I’m not sure if it was planned or just worked out that way but the doors to Zehnder’s were first opened to the public on Mother’s Day, May 12, 1929. On that day, we served 312 guests for $1.00 per person. I always thought serving 312 guests on the doorstep of the Great Depression was a pretty good opening day. Coincidentally, our 95th anniversary falls on the exact same day, May 12th. We’ve always been proud that Mother’s Day is our Founders Day.

Over the years, we’ve survived the Great Depression, huge fines levied against us during Prohibition, world wars, recessions and pandemics, and consider it a privilege to have served millions of mothers, and their families from around the world.

My family and our team stand ready to make your Mother’s Day celebration special, this year and for generations to come. Come celebrate with us! For our hours of operation and Mother’s Day menus, please click here.

Hospitably Yours,

Al Zehnder, CEO

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