Keeping It Clean!

May 28, 2019

Summer time in Frankenmuth

One of our housekeepers at the restaurant, Don, came up to me today and asked if I had a moment; he wanted to share something with me. Since many of our housekeeping staff work in public areas, it is not unusual that they get questions or field customer comments. Don was on his way out when a customer stopped him and exclaimed how clean everything looked – from the chandeliers to the bathrooms, to the floors; everything looked great. The guest remarked that he looks for that sort of thing and was impressed at the level of cleanliness.

A great deal of effort goes into keeping our facilities clean. Company-wide, our team of housekeepers, grounds staff, dishworkers, pool attendants and laundry staff work daily and continuously to keep our production areas, public areas, bathrooms, guest rooms, dishes and flatware, laundry, waterparks and even parking lots looking sparkling. It’s a neverending, 24-hour process.

When we added our production bakery in 1984, my dad Eddie Zehnder, added viewing windows, not only so the guest could see the bakers in action, but could see how clean we keep our kitchens.

Many of us were brought up hearing that “Cleanliness is right next to Godliness”; cleanliness is like a religion to us and we don’t take our responsibility lightly.

Hospitably Yours,

Al Zehnder, CEO

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