The Fortress Golf Course Welcomed The National Amputee Golf Championship

Aug 28, 2018

National Amputee Golf Championship

[PHOTOS] The Fortress was honored to host the 70th NAGA National Amputee & Disabled Golf Championships and 29th NAGA National Senior Amputee Golf Championship annual three-in-one national championship for golfers who are amputees or have other physical health conditions August 20th through the 24th.

The featured events were:

• 70th National Amputee Championship

• 29th National Senior Amputee Championship

• USA International Para-Golf Championship

• 20th International Cup Matches

The National Amputee Golf Association was originally formed by a group of 12 men with amputations. Dale Bourisseau, a World War II veteran with a below knee amputation, sought out comrades with similar injuries and encouraged them to play golf as a means of recreation and to re-enforce pride. Dale teamed up with Possibilities Unlimited, a group of people with disabilities formed in Cleveland, Ohio. Dale also traveled with golf clubs as part of his sales position. The band of amputee golfers eventually became regional, with friendly games developing into tournament play in various cities. By 1954, the group was incorporated as the National Amputee Golf Association (NAGA), supported by professional Golf Association (PGA) and the United States Golf Assocation (USGA). NAGA currently has over 2,000 members in the US and some 200 players from 17 countries. In addition to its national tournaments and National Senior Championship, the NAGA sponsors local and regional tournaments throughout the country.

The Men’s Overall Champion was Kenny Bontz who scored 149 and the Women’s Overall Champion was Jeong WonHan with an overall score of 191. Congratulations to this incredibly talented group of people!

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